Balmain pup Walking App

To create this app i used Ibuildapp, i found that appypie was very hard to navigate and had to much stuff happening on the screen at once. After using ibuildapp ive found it alot smother to navigate and easier to add in information and change the layout to exactly what you want. I wanted to add a screen with our products so we can offer special deals that in return gain us more money, such as 2 hour walk for $15. Ive also added in a basic grooming session for dogs which will lead to more sales since we are offering more than one product.

On the home screen ive used the colour orange because that is the colour that resembles trust, i want our customers to be able to relate and trust Balmain pup walking brand. The use of a funny photo of a dog and cat holding toothpaste and a towel is so that the audience can find humour in our brand, by doing this i hope it gains their attention so they become interested in the content.