Things to think about before adopting or buying a dog 

So you are in the market for a new 4 legged best friend but you don't know what bread to get, well lets think about a couple things... Whats your lifestyle like? do you like to laze around at home or do you have an active lifestyle? do you have kids or are expecting kids in the future? and do you live in either an apartment or a house with a backyard. This article will help you determine what bread you might want.


Some dogs may tolerate children in the home, but these breeds won’t only be your child’s pet – they’ll become their confidant, playmate, and best friend! If you have children, or are planning on having any someday, consider adopting one of these breeds and watch them quickly become more “sibling” than “pet!” 

  • Boxer 

  • mastiff 

  • labrador 

  • Dalmatian 


Man's best friend makes a loving and loyal pet—and an awesome fitness partner. With all the walking, chasing, and playing you do together, keeping up with your dog can be an exercise in and of itself. Case in point: dog owners walk more than those without a pooch, averaging four walks a week for 160 minutes of physical activity, according to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health. You'll boost your fitness by owning any dog, but breeds with extra stamina and agility will really keep you moving. Whether you like to run, swim, hike, or play games in your yard, these ultra-active breeds will help you stay in shape. if you have a healthy active lifestyle some of these breads would be good for you. 

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  • Australian Shepherd

  • Siberian Husky 

  • Weimaraner

When it comes to apartment pets, size does matter. Big paws and long legs don’t always mix well with tiny living spaces. However, the size of your dog isn’t the only thing that matters. When choosing the perfect pooch for your apartment, you should also take into consideration the dog’s energy level, noisiness, and even friendliness (neighbors in close quarters means lots of socializing and meeting new people and other pooches as well).

With those general traits in mind, here are some of the best apartment dogs that could be a great fit for folks with less space and tighter quarters!

  • Bichon Frise

  • Boston Terrier

  • Bulldog

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

hopefully this article has helped you make a decision of what type of dog best suits you and your lifestyle, By choosing the right dog you are offering them its best chance at life and you are taking out the hassle for yourself. 

Enjoy !